Diamond Knot Blonde Ale 6-pk

Diamond Knot Blonde Ale 6-pk


Diamond Knot Craft Brewing Blonde Ale

Our Blonde is based on one of grandpa’s recipes; a pre-Prohibition-era lager. This one, however, is an ale … we don’t have time or patience for no steenking lagers!

With surprising complexity for such a light beer, the Blonde owes its depth to a diverse grain bill that creates a wonderful cereal-like malt character, while the Hallertauer hops lend just a touch of spicy bitterness.

Original Gravity: 10 ° Plato; 1.040
IBUs: 13
Alcohol by Volume: 4.2%
MALTS: 2-row Pale, Munich malt, flaked barley, flaked corn, wheat malt
HOPS: Domestic Hallertauer

6-pack recyclable aluminum cans

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